Wednesday, February 16, 2011

soccer update

not sure if any of you are soccer fans but if you are I doubt you could believe it when you saw "Arsenal 2 Barcelona 1" on the TV or computer today. but it is true, the gunners pulled off the biggest upset of the champions league so far this year. it will be interesting to see what barca will do when put under immense pressure 3 weeks from now for the 2nd leg of this round. as a real madrid fan, i couldnt be more excited. lets end this post with that beautiful wayne rooney goal

Doesnt get better than that. take care.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

C's do it again


WOW! another win for my Celtics over the evil Miami Heat. Another example that the Heat are inferior to the Celtics and this will be displayed again in the postseason. It is fun to hear the Lebron fanboys after the first 2 times we beat them hearing the excuse, "theyre just learning to play together, when they start clicking they will kick the Celtics ass!" Well, the Heat we're on an 8-game winning streak, so that excuse is done. Granted, Udonis Haslem was injured. Then again, so was Shaq, Jermaine O'Neal, and Nate Robinson. And to top it off Pierce only scored 1 point. Fortunately, the Heat have NO ANSWER (yes, all caps are needed) for Big Perks who scored 16. And its obvious that Garnett and Rondo We're in Lebron and Wade's head the whole game. And to end this post on an awful note, Arcade Fire just won album of the year. I will now light my Rolling Stones shirt on fire with me in it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


hey readers! welcome to my first college basketball update of the season. to day, here are 3 things in particular that jumped out at me:


Well, if you didnt see this one coming youre either kirk herbstreit or just a total moron. Wisconson beat #1 OSU today, leaving no undefeated teams left (pop the champagne, bob knight and the 1976 indiana team!). But OSU is definitely not youre typical "last unbeaten team in college basketball." Throughout the season, not once have i thought, "Hey, this might be the best team in the country!!!" This team doesnt belong in the discussion with teams like Duke, UT, KU, and Pitt. For weeks teams that were not very high quality (Michigan and Penn St. to name two) couldnt close the deal on OSU. It took a great coach like Bo Ryan to cme up with this bright idea:
If you have a bunch of tall white guys who can shoot outside, and Ohio St's best player, JD Sullinger, is unguardable in the post, then maybe we should spred the floor so Sullinger has to go outside to play D and get out of his comfort zone.
Somehow none of the other braindead coaches in the Big 10 realized this so Ohio St. started the year 24-0. Anyway my message is this, if you wanna impress your freinds come tournament time, predict OSU to lose in the Sweet 16.


Pretty soon, the Versus and The Mountain Channels are going to have to start giving about half the money they earn to Jimmer Fredette, cause hes the only reason people watch those channels. I cant rave enough about this guy. Maybe its the way he reminds me of pete marivich with his off-balance, super deep 3s. Maybe its his story, chronicled in this SI article. Maybe its because the Celtics GM (Danny Ainge) just happens to have huge ties to BYU and will do probably anything to get the Jimmer. But in all honesty, this guy is incredible. Nobody should be putting up the numbers hes making, especially when you consider teams are using entire defensive schemes to solely shut down him. If you dont have Versus or The Mountain (understandable), clear your calender for February 26, when the Jimmer and BYU have their biggest test of the year televised on CBS @ San Diego St. Im praying they pick Gus Johnson to announce that game because Gus and Jimmer are a match made in heaven.


 No, this is not a column from 2006. The Patriots are back and they have been ripping through the CAA. But that 2006 magical run to the Final Four definetely had an effect on the teams succes for 2011. That team made it easier for GMY to score better recruits like star player Cam Long. anyways, GMU has won 11 straight and lloks lke the favorite now to win the CAA.

Lets leave this post with a little Gus Johnson

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome readers! Introductions are due

Welcome my first readers to my first blog post.

My blog will be about  sports, primarily my top teams, the celtics (who are currently losing to the evil lakers),  vikings, bruins, and twins. You may be wondering how i came to those teams.....well, we'll get to that. i first want to state why I'm doing this: i believe sports is beyond just fun and games. I believe it has the power to do miracles. Whether it be bringing a family back together, or rejuvinating a city in ways not thought possible, sports is real. Every day millions of fans of teams that havent won in decades wake up with the belief that this just might be the day that his team makes a breakthrough, even if all common sense would say otherwise. Thats something you cant fake, and you cant fake the power of sports.

Now, about those teams: these are my dad's teams. My father was brn in Cuba and at age 2 his family moved to Puerto Rico to escape Fidel Castro. The first teams he heard of growing up just happened to be the Celtics, Vikings, and Twins, so those became his teams. Later, once he caught on with hockey after living in the US, he decided to become a Bruins fan to make it 2 from boston and 2 from minnesota. He passed these teams on to me and through the experiences I've had with him he has become unquestionbly the most influential person of my life. I'm also a fan of LSU, my father's and my future alma mater.

I will post stuff up at least once a week and I might include alittle pop culture in my ramblings. In fact, lets end this post with one of the best scenes in TV history: