Sunday, February 13, 2011

C's do it again


WOW! another win for my Celtics over the evil Miami Heat. Another example that the Heat are inferior to the Celtics and this will be displayed again in the postseason. It is fun to hear the Lebron fanboys after the first 2 times we beat them hearing the excuse, "theyre just learning to play together, when they start clicking they will kick the Celtics ass!" Well, the Heat we're on an 8-game winning streak, so that excuse is done. Granted, Udonis Haslem was injured. Then again, so was Shaq, Jermaine O'Neal, and Nate Robinson. And to top it off Pierce only scored 1 point. Fortunately, the Heat have NO ANSWER (yes, all caps are needed) for Big Perks who scored 16. And its obvious that Garnett and Rondo We're in Lebron and Wade's head the whole game. And to end this post on an awful note, Arcade Fire just won album of the year. I will now light my Rolling Stones shirt on fire with me in it.