Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome readers! Introductions are due

Welcome my first readers to my first blog post.

My blog will be about  sports, primarily my top teams, the celtics (who are currently losing to the evil lakers),  vikings, bruins, and twins. You may be wondering how i came to those teams.....well, we'll get to that. i first want to state why I'm doing this: i believe sports is beyond just fun and games. I believe it has the power to do miracles. Whether it be bringing a family back together, or rejuvinating a city in ways not thought possible, sports is real. Every day millions of fans of teams that havent won in decades wake up with the belief that this just might be the day that his team makes a breakthrough, even if all common sense would say otherwise. Thats something you cant fake, and you cant fake the power of sports.

Now, about those teams: these are my dad's teams. My father was brn in Cuba and at age 2 his family moved to Puerto Rico to escape Fidel Castro. The first teams he heard of growing up just happened to be the Celtics, Vikings, and Twins, so those became his teams. Later, once he caught on with hockey after living in the US, he decided to become a Bruins fan to make it 2 from boston and 2 from minnesota. He passed these teams on to me and through the experiences I've had with him he has become unquestionbly the most influential person of my life. I'm also a fan of LSU, my father's and my future alma mater.

I will post stuff up at least once a week and I might include alittle pop culture in my ramblings. In fact, lets end this post with one of the best scenes in TV history:

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